Skin Glorious Skin

It’s gone from one extreme to the other recently, from no time to write my post, to lots of time to write..the reason? I caught some dreaded flu from someone and 4 weeks on I am still feeling like a complete invalid. Urgh! However, no rest for the wicked and I’ve still been doing shoots and dropping things last minute to make sure that I can get jobs done. All in the name of free lance I guess :)

So, while I’ve had to keep myself resting, I’ve had a chance to think over the shoots and contemplate some of the answers to the questions Ive had on from Models and clients. One of the main subjects that keeps cropping up is the topic about Skin, in particular Skin care for the face and skin prepping for make up. I’ve been really surprised at how little time people spend looking after their skin and also how little thought has gone into looking after it too. Lots of people out there are using cleansing wipes and make up wipes in general- Noooooooooooooooo!! Is all I can think!

The skin on your face (in my opinion) should be treated with love and affection as it’s with you for life and it is the one of the first things that you see everyday that you look into the mirror. From the feedback that I’ve had, so many people like to use certain wipes, in particular baby wipes or facial wipes and so on purely down to the convenience factor. It’s quick and easy before people collapse in to bed! So I must confess, I used to be one of these people, and I too used to be a wipe addict. Until, that is, in recent years, I started to look after my own skin due to the fact that I could start to see a few wrinkles (yikes!) and due to the fact that I developed Mid 20s acne. So I really began to look into products and skin care, while trying to understand what products were going on my skin and not just into my body.

Ive also found out over recent years from Beauty experts to Make up experts that wipes are in fact the worst thing that you could use, and that they don’t clean your skin properly from all the make up and dirt that your face collects during a day. The worst thing that we could do, is to not clean our face properly from day to day and we continue everyday to do the same.  It is therefore inevitable that blocked pores will build up which are closely followed by spot breakouts and uneven skin and so on.

Seeing as I was so horrified at the wipe versus amazing skin topic, I thought I would list for you my step by step guide on how to look after your skin on a regular basis and also- more importantly, how to prep your skin before applying make up. Remember, a well prepped face allows for your make up to stay on all day, without sliding or causing you to break out in spots by the evening. Sooooo……

1). Use your fingers tips, spread a Milk Cleanser all over your face, leaving much of it on the  surface of your skin. Don’t forget your neck (a lot of people do). I personally use Guinot Lait Hydra Fraicheur, for all skin types, and I order it online as it’s just a little bit cheaper. . However I know a lot of people also use Dermalogica or Simple Products, so alternatively you can pick these up by popping into your local Beauty store. Whatever the brand, as long as it is a Cleanser, then this will do.

2. The next step is to take 2 cotton wool pads; separate them and then damp both of them lightly with tap water (warm). Then simply use them to wipe off the cleanser by starting at the top of your forehead, sweeping down over each side of your face. Try to keep each pad to its separate side of the face, ie: one pad for each side of the face. A bit like a beauty facial if you have ever had one.

3. Repeat the, above, cleanser and the cotton wool pad stage AGAIN. Think of it like at the hairdressers, when they give you 2 shampoos before they cut your hair. The first stage is to remove oils on the surface the next stage is to clean your hair and scalp properly. In this case, it is for your skin, but I suspect the reasons are fairly similar.

4. The next and final step of cleaning your skin is all about Toner. This is a light liquid, which to me feels a bit like water, and is normally used to remove any excess grease on your face. I prefer again to use a toner from Guinot, but again there are lots of other products, so as long as it is a Toner, then just use this. To use your toner, simply pour a bit onto to cotton pads again and sweep down and around both sides of your face, making sure that you sweep 4over your neck too, in order to remove any excess grease or dirt that you may have missed.

5. The final step is to moisturise. This should be with a moisturiser that is suitable for your skin and which contains an SPF in it- preferable 40 or over.

Then voila! Your skin should feel supple, clean and fresh. Simply do this once in the morning and once before you go to bed, and this should work a treat. Your skin will definitely thank you for it! Oooh and of course, as I’ve already said, try also doing the above if you are just about to put some make up on or going out for the night, as this will be the perfect foundation – err- to your foundation- and will allow your base to really sit freshly on your skin without looking caked or tired.


M x






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A girl NEVER has enough make up!

I can not believe how quickly the past month has gone! Aaaaand, I can not believe the fact that I have missed out on about 2 months of gossip for my little blog, Gosh, I must be slacking..well in actual fact, I haven’t stopped- honest!

After spending the past few months sorting my website out, and then ultimately business cards, and organising test shoots, I was in need of a well deserved holiday. Or a sort of holiday! Actually it was a girly trip to the beautiful island of Ibiza, where we stayed in the old town, sipped on gin and tonics and watched the sunset over the old town from an amazing roof terrace. Aaaah…and then before I knew it, I was back on a plane, heading straight back to blighty with memories of a sore head, very tired (oops) and potentially needing another holiday!

So with the summer holiday done and the UK weather starting to pick up on my return, I got my head back round the task of sorting my kit and tried to establish where I was with it all. I’m officially queen of organising so there is one thing that I love about buying make up- and that is getting to sort it all out into clean, neat bags that allows me to find what I’m looking for in a flash (which is very useful if you are on location and have very little space to contend with). So I trotted down to M & S and bagged my self lots of fantastic see through bags, which were at the bargain price of £6 for 3 (look similar to this image)

Clean kit, organised kit, and of course easily portable kit I would say is fundamental to how you get on in this industry.  Having worked in front of camera myself, I sadly have seen too many make up Pros using dirty brushes on me with kit all over the place falling down the sides of their suitcases and all sorts. Sadly this only leads to skin irritations and spots due to dirty make up, and of course losing things on a busy set, which can be extremely expensive after a while. Besides my kit, I also invested in recently a wonderful piece of equipment called the Zucca.

From what I understand the Zucca has been imported from the states by the UK’s make up Pro companies as THE make up bag to carry your kit around in. It is robust, light, got great wheels- that are silent when you roll it on the floor- genius! It also has a central compartment with room for up to at least 6 separate bage compartments to store all of your kit. It can go on flights- it has a great cover which makes it durable for flights, and it is compact. I could go on, but as I am sure you’ve gathered. I love my Zucca. I couldn’t upload a shot of my own, but I referred to this shot that I found on the net which is almost identical to mine, but this one is in light pink. Oh and I forgot, you can also use it as a seat, it is purpose built to sit on if your legs get tired or to do make up on location.

I also bought a The Zucca Rucksack for Hair to go ontop of the Zucca trolley. Both of these clip together, and become your entire hair and make up kit in one. The rucksack even has a velcro strap to hold your hairdrier in a specific place. Amazing! I would upload a photo of this, but I am still trying to sort this out, so I’ll try and get this onto my facebook page asap.

So as well as lot of spending on kit and products in the past 2 months (my boyfriend nearly died when I returned from my last shop with all my goodies!) I also have spent the past few months building up some great contacts and opportunities. I was lucky enough to work with Bradley TV up North on their Ladbrokes TV campaign. This is an ongoing job, for which I filled din last minute and the first few episodes should be up in Ladbrokes stores around the country, I think, so if you are having a quick bet- remember to take a peek! The job was at first a nightmare as it happened to be the hottest day of the year (think 29 degrees- for the North UK that’s flippin’ boilin’) and my lovely Model – and everyone on set was dying of heat. Shiny faces all round! So that with no fans or Air con, and sweltering studio lamps- it felt like the tropics!

As aresult I couldn’t help but go on to research TV powders and an acquaintance of mine mentioned Rice Powder. This image is the same as the ones that I ordered and they are absolutely amazing.  They are light, certified organic and natural- made from Rice- and are as thin as silk. I loved this and I try to use this as much as I can as I know I’m also being kind to the Model/client’s skin too.I also have this in paper blotters too, which come in the form of actual dry paper, with powder on the back which you can absorb with one side then dab with the other.

Soon after the Ladbrokes job, I then went on to do my first Vintage wedding with the lovely Bethany Jane Davies, a vintage expert in the Northwest of England. She is absolutely amazing and it was my second time that I assisted her, so I felt really chuffed that she wanted me around. I’m still waiting on the shots from the Bride, but once I get these I’ll pop them up in my gallery.

My most recent project started a few weeks ago and has only picked up speed in the past week or so and it involves a brand new local studio in Manchester with lots of big fashion brands that sell to the high street- think online, ASOS type brands who need their garments shooting all the time and you get the idea of how much all these companies have to shoot everyday. Well, I trialed with these new studios and since then we have been experimenting with ideas and Models and locations. The final results will be in my next blog and I’m very much looking forward to being able to tell you much more and of course show you how hard we’ve been working..

M xx


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Summer, Weddings and Shoots

Ahh- Intense humidity, the odd unpredictable rain storm and err specks of sunshine- British summer time has officially arrived!! So I’ve been taking full advantage of the rainstorms and I’ve been keeping my head down trying to network and build contacts and my site.

The response from friends, family and new clients to my sparkly new site and work – has been overwhelming. I am so delighted that it’s all being well received and it’s really spurred me on to push for more and more test shoots and for gradual trickles of work enquiries.

It seems to also be the time of weddings- despite the weather- and everything seems to be Bride orientated at the moment. I’ve got a wonderful test shoot coming up with John Chilton, a great Photographer based in the Leeds/Bradford area. He has just finished putting together his amazing studios (see picture on right) and I’m going to be one of the first persons to shoot there- very exciting! So we’ll be aiming to shoot a very romantic Bridal shot, with the lovely Sam Brown again from Boss Models Manchester. Watch this space (or my gallery page) for the end result- I should get the shots back quite quickly so I’ll let you all know on twitter and FB once they are up :)

On a separate note, I have met through a very close PR friend of mine, a lovely couple who mainly shoot Weddings. They’re called: and they have exciting projects up their sleeve. Please have a look at their website as they do some really beautiful stuff and I’m super excited at the prospect of working with them. The next project will be another Bridal shoot in July, again with some great Models, and some incredible dresses….again, can’t let on too much at this stage (all in planning stages still!) but do keep an eye out on my gallery for the shots, as I can assure you we’ll be really pushing the boat out on this day due to such a high end quality of clothes and location.

Lots of wedding inquiries are also starting to creep in – I feel slightly overhwhelmed but in a good way. I would much rather I be swamped with activity then sat twiddling my thumbs…Still got so much to do, including- shock horror- business cards. I had completely forgotten about these (I am true business woman as you can tell!) But they say you should only order these bad boys when you absolutely need them or as quickly as your business develops. Well now’s the time as I have lost count of the- “you give me your card- I’ll give you mine” – line. Ooops. So once these sparkling little cards are done, I will be letting you all know so that I can start proudly handing them over -like they are going out of fashion!! Now, my next thing will be to try to make my card stand out..hmmm..I like this one that I found on the web.. but then I guess this is a little extreme!! ha ha!

If anyone knows of any decent printing or design places let me know, I have a few ideas up my sleeve but it is always to good to have an open mind to new ideas.

Next stop posh portfolio to store my lovely photo prints from shoots and then – voila- just about there.

Who says your own business is hard eh?!

M x

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Vive Paris!

Oooh la la! Just returned a few days ago back from Paris and I’m still absolutely buzzing!! Amazing food, amazing sites- and of course- amazing make up! I knew the French were experts in beauty but I had no idea how many little Gems they had of their own that have yet to be introduced to the UK.

I was delighted to find out that Sephora’s make up range is absolutely VAST now. (It’s been a while since I last saw the range- like years!) It also seems to have no limits in what it covers make up wise, almost similar to MAC in professionalism and range of colours but much much cheaper- result! So I snapped up some key colours in one of their liquid foundations and left feeling very smug. I love value for money, I even got a free very cool bag with my purchases… :)

I also managed to find a fantastic little  bronzing cream which has been created by a a French make up artist called: Fred Farrugia. . Only available in Sephora and online, this nifty little bronzing number is new to his range is so good, you can use it on all skin types and tones resulting in a warm summery glow that we all love. The amazing thing, also, is that the texture of this bronzing cream is so light and creamy, you can’t feel it on your skin, even if you build it up in layers. It just leaves you dewy and literally as if you got a lovely warm bronzed glow. Perfect now that summer has arrived :)

Oh, and one more thing (this is very cool) the bronzing cream also comes in an uber retro compact palette, with mirror, which allows you to buy a stick of each product in Fred’s Farrugia range and also mix and match what you need. The Palettes then all clip together in a stick-stack so you can have a handy, complete make up look, everywhere you go, without it taking up too much space in your kit. Oh and they even have their own little sock-mitt cover to carry it around! Genius!

On a separate note, my friend Michelle came back from Australia for a wedding. It’s been forever since I’ve seen her so it’s been lovely catching up. As it turned out, she was going to a wedding today and was dying for some kind of up-do, hair wise, to match her sixties style peach dress that she was wearing on the day. It all became that more of a challenge after the girls and I went out for a quick couple of drinks yesterday night (first day of summer- so we had to!) and I ended up doing it feeling slightly worse for wear :( I’d already done a quick trial with her the day before, but was still to get it right. So my lovely friends made me a strong coffee, Michelle dumped herself on my floor and we threw ourselves as girlfriends do- team effort style!- into creating her up do. We took some snaps , so I hope you like :) I was delighted by the results- and jut kept thinking, hmm, imagine if I had been EVEN more on the ball! I was still very pleased with the outcome and Michelle was delighted with the overall look too. She looked absolutely gorgeous and a true glamour puss.

For all images on the above see my Facebook group







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Had a very interesting week, with lots of potentially exciting bits and bobs coming up :) Where to start…

So, while I’ve been waiting on the Stacey Clarke shots back from Paul Jones (see my gallery) I’ve been doing a little networking and biding my time for work.

A very lovely lady in the nearby village enquired about whether I could do her friend’s hair and make up for her Birthday. I of course yes, no problem, but then sadly realised that I might not be there for the actual day as I am going away (boo).  So, as a compromise, I said I would do a small trial with the birthday girl to show her how she could have her look, and then either offer to write down the look and products for her to take to somebody else OR so that she could recreate the look herself. I think this was a good compromise and everyone’s a winner!

On another note had some cool enquiries into some potential ongoing work Cheshire way. Can’t say much else at this stage, but- very exciting if it comes off…so I’ll keep you posted!

Also, I’ve had a lovely request to do a Photo shoot with a girl that is keen to become a sportswear Model. I don’t know too much about her, but I’m thinking that the shots will be great action shots and really simple hair and make up, clean, but effective. I love love love this kind of shot from Nike:

Which is amazing. I love the way that the light picks up on the muscle tone and action. Alternatively, we could go for something like a commercial catalogue style shot as below:

I figure this could probably be better for hair and make up but we’ll just have to see what our Model on the day might want..

Alternatively if we wanted to be really creative or rather if the photographer wanted to put lots of time into photoshop (!) then we could go for something like this:

But not sure how the Model would feel about running in the rain – and not sure how arty she would want it to apply to a new Agency.

So watch this space :) as I think there might even be a second Model wanting to test too, so we could end up going for 2 kinds of shots for these shoots. Either way I’m looking forward to the challenge of doing something away from the box standard shoots that I’ve been doing recently. Variety is the spice of life they say…

And finally… I recently had the weekend to my self which was unexpected, sooo.. I spent some quality “me” time and sat with a good cuppa, going over the recent Royal Wedding photos.  Loved the hair dos of some of the guests that attended, and I was just fascinated buy how some of those hats stayed up! I’m looking forward to recreating some of these looks for future weddings- can’t wait to start taking bookings :)

M x







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Up, Up and away…

So…this is my first proper post and there is so much to fill you all in on as I have been waiting to get this Blog up on my site for a little while now… so, if you’re sitting comfy..

I’m fresh out of the “Claire Hanson School of Makeup,”( in which I completed a boot-camp style course, of one to one tuition on Hair and Make Up- eek! I was lucky enough to already have a fair bit of skills and existing knowledge on the industry, I just really needed everything refining and drilled into me correctly! -And OMG did Claire Hanson crack the whip! After nearly hundred hours of course time and my brain feeling like I was literally about to melt and with my eyes red raw tired and one photos shoot later- I officially had achieved what I set out to do- I’d harnessed my creative skills and was ready to take the world by storm! Ahem. Well, that’s how I felt anyway.  When in actual fact it was my friend’s drinks party that I stormed! (armed with basic make up box and hair kit in tow and with a very determined “take no prisnors” look in my eye) I transformed my many willing (and not so willing) girl friends to within the glamorous inches of their lives.

At this point I would have loved to have included some photos but sadly my iphone died a temporary death a month ago and I lost ALL of these shots- so you will have to use your imagination at this point I’m afraid!! And yes, gutted is not the word.

Anyway the positives out of this is that I have become the world’s most “useful friend” and also definitely the most fascinating friend (especially as I have been buying hair and make up products like they are about to go extinct). Yes, this part is called “SHOPPING” which has definitely been really, really fun (if not slightly terrifying for my bank manager). I have though, also learned a phenomenal amount about beauty websites out there, and the deals to be had if you really shop around.

Hair products

My favourite site that I’ve found for hair especially has been: who I’ve ordered a bunch of my velcro rollers from, tail combs, and a lot of styling tools such as my babyliss curling tongs. (see below) Be careful on these though, as I’ve found that the stand on this can leave a fine line on the hair, if you are not careful. Once you get to grips with it though, it’s really good.

I also spent a lot of time product searching and discovered that Ebay was also pretty efficient in helping me obtain the rest of my hair products such as the Tigi range which Claire just couldn’t recommend enough. My favourite out of all of them by far is Tigi’s “Sexed-Up Body Building tonic ,” which I’ve found is a brilliant product for instant lift, whether it’s with a hair dryer and brush or just using your fingers on dry hair and tipping the head up side down- this is definitely an effective product which actually does what it says on the tin. I can also safely say that everyone of my friends that I have used this on, has since been badgering me to write the name of this down in order for them to buy it. (So please take note friends!) Ive also decided to add the link to an ebay page incase you’re still stuck where to get it!

Make Up

As for My make up Kit, I found that a lot of sites such as Smash box and Screenface were massively useful in sourcing key items that I needed. I reckon I was definitely Screenface’s biggest fan for the first few weeks, as I scoured their pages, product by product trying to decided what was fundamental to my kit and what was just pure indulgence! Brutal was not the word!

Out of all the make up products that I’ve bought recently I would definitely say that my Green People range are definitely the most fascinating. From the compact powders, which are as light as silk, to their blushers and stick concealer- all are either 99% or almost all organic. So, it feels even better knowing this as I’m putting this on someone’s skin. I’ll probably go on about this on another Blog but they really are a wonderful company and it’s a real pleasure using something that’s kind to the skin as well as making that person look good :)

And that’s how I begun..armed with all of my kit, I then jumped straight into shooting, as I was then eager to try out as many of my lovely new products in my kit as possible!

In the past few months, I’ve done 3 amazing shoots, all of which I am immensely proud of and worked with 2 lovely photographers, one of which is Mark Outram who I got to know on my first shoot. The second is a really good friend of mine Paul Jones (Aka PJ) (Not to be confused with that geordie presenter on Saturday night) who I have know for over 10 years and who first helped me into Modelling and now into Make up as I make the cross over.

and there we have it! I’ve got lots planned, and I’m waiting on the shots of my third shoot to come through, so once I get them back I will be sharing with you exactly what I’ve been up to.. very exciting!

m xx

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Welcome to Maz’s blog

Testing New Blog


Here’s some intro text.
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