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As you may have already read, (or possibly not) I’ve officially grafted hard along the way too just to get to this point; I’ve spent 10 years working in the Modelling industry (picking up cunning tips on Hair and Make up on the way,) I learnt lots about shoots, clients, TV work, and I worked with some incredibly talented make up artists along the way.

Then, after a brief stint in hospital - (I’m fine now I promise) I came over a little bit sentimental about life and realized (gulp) – hey, life’s too short to stick at one thing forever. So I took the MASSIVE leap and turned my make- up obsessed hobby into a proper profession. I went on to be accepted onto my course at the Claire Hanson School of Make Up – (celebrity Hair and Make up artist) and was even trained by Claire herself (very cool). I finally came out with…Taa daaa! A license – or rather certificate - to buy even more of the good stuff! Hurrah!! That, and the skills to actually know how to use Make-up and make it look really damn good on pretty much anyone. As it stands, I also specialized in Hair styling too, so I can actually style your hair AND put it into something quite fancy!

The final results?

I’m a fully qualified, very proud, Hair and Make up artist. So, if you’d like to speak to me about my work, share some ideas, or just generally have a good chin wag about the beauty scene, then check out my “Contact Me” page here.

Maz x

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